LOQUENDO Interactive TTS Demo

Interactive TTS Demo

The Interactive TTS Demo enables you to use Loquendo TTS to create and listen to your own synthetic messages. Scroll the list of Loquendo languages to find the persona of your choice, type in a text in your chosen language and have Loquendo TTS read it to you.
<!– You can choose between .WAV and .MP3 formats.

Enter a message (max 500 characters)

Hello everybody! Let me introduce myself! My name is Simon and I can say anything you want me to say. With punctuation, certain phrases become more expressive: just imagine it, or rather, just imagine it! You can also put in various effects. You can make me laugh – \item=Laugh You can make me cry – \item=Cry_01 You can even give me a cold – \item=Sneeze_02 You see?! \item=Yawn_01 I do apologise! I’m terribly tired. That’s because I’m here 24 hours a day. Well, cheerio! See you soon! Bye!

Select Voice/Language

Allison (American English female) Susan (American English female) Dave (American English male) Steven (American English male) Elizabeth (British English female) Kate (British English female) Simon (British English male) Luca (Italian male) Paola (Italian female) Giulia (Italian female) Matteo (Italian male) Marcello (Italian male) Roberto (Italian male) Silvana (Italian female) Valentina (Italian female) Frida (Danish female) Willem (Dutch male) Saskia (Dutch female) Mikko (Finnish male) Milla (Finnish female) Juliette (French female) Bernard (French male) Florence (French female) Olivier (Canadian French male) Charlotte (Canadian French female) Katrin (German female) Stefan German male) Afroditi (Greek female) Zosia (Polish female) Krzysztof (Polish male) Felipe (Brazilian Portuguese male) Gabriela (Brazilian Portuguese female) Fernanda (Brazilian Portuguese female) Amalia (Portuguese female) Eusebio (Portuguese male) Olga (Russian female) Carlos (American Spanish male) Soledad (American Spanish female) Diego (Argentine Spanish male) Francisca (Chilean Spanish female) Esperanza (Mexican Spanish female) Jorge (Castilian Spanish male) Carmen (Castilian Spanish female) Leonor (Castilian Spanish female) Jordi (Catalan male) Montserrat (Catalan female) Empar (Valencian female) Carmela (Galician female) Sven (Swedish male) Annika (Swedish female) Kerem (Turkish male) Zeynep (Turkish female) Linlin (Chinese female) Lisheng (Chinese female)


Select Format

WAVE file (16 kHz linear Windows audio)
–> <!– MP3 file (max 30 seconds)


Loquendo TTS Demos

Now also in Russian and Finnish!
Listen to the new Russian female voice Olga, and the new Finnish female voice Milla!

For any information, please contact us!Please contact us for further information.

Please note

The background music you hear in the demo is not heard with the purchased Loquendo TTS. It is a copyright device to prevent illegal use of our product.

Legal Notice

Copyrights and all other intellectual property rights to LoquendoTTS and its demo version (“Demo”) are owned by Loquendo S.p.A. (“Loquendo”). The synthesized audio files generated by the use of the Demo (“Files”) include data covered by the intellectual property rights of Loquendo. Loquendo grants the user accessing this site (“User”) the personal, non transferable and non exclusive right to use the Demo and the Files for evaluation purposes only. All other rights are reserved by Loquendo. In particular, the User may not use for commercial or business purposes, copy, modify, disassemble, decompile, distribute, disseminate, transmit or broadcast, in whole or in part, the Demo or the Files. Loquendo disclaims any warranty and liability with respect to the Demo and the Files and any use thereof by the

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