Johnny Depp Shares His YouTubing With Vanity Fair

Though he is one of the best-looking men in the world, and the representative of everything both cool and weird, it turns out Johnny Depp is into exactly what we here at Switched are into: hanging out and watching the best YouTube videos.

In Vanity Fair’s upcoming cover story on Depp, writer Douglas Brinkley and the megastar, despite hanging out on his Bahamian island and motoring around on his private yacht, just sat online. Depp’s choice in videos, we are happy to report, is as varied and strange as the actor himself. Including standbys like A Colbert Christmas and Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, he also had some pretty obscure picks:

A Parisian bookstore owner demonstrating a dangerous and potentially very stinky way of trimming his hair:

Foster Brooks toasting Johnny Carson. His inebriation is staged, but Depp appreciates how convincing it is.

[From: Vanity Fair via]
We are so glad Johnny shared with us, so we are sharing with you our favorite video of Capt. Jack Sparrow himself, being a really gracious guest with a couple of precocious, Japanese pirate kids.


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