LOST Fans: Finale Theories and Season Six

image LOST fans still can’t let go of last week’s awesome finale and fans are busy deconstructing season five and developing a few theories of their own. Some are fairly general–“Hands up all those who think that season six will start with everyone back on Oceanic Flight 815 bound for LAX? Didn’t think so,” writes Organ Grinder–while others are quite a bit more imaginative: “My theory is that Ilana is a character intended to represent the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet,” writes JOpinionated at DocArzt’s Lost Blog. “Relevant side note: when you combine the names Ilana and Sekhmet, one of the applicable anagrams is heal mistaken.” Lots of questions remain. “Who is Jacob and what does he want? Why did he go around touching the Losties? Why do they get to be part of Dumbledore’s–sorry, Jacob’s–Army?” wonders The Watcher. “Who is Ilana? And who are Jacob and … Esau? Egyptian gods who enjoy playing The Sims? 2010 can’t come fast enough,” writes Vulture.

image Most fans really liked the finale. “I was not only on the edge of my seat, throughout most of the show, I actually gasped, as in literally,” raves Unreality Primetime. “The introduction of Jacob and his Rival is a game changer on par with anything we’ve seen on the show, and certainly presses if not exceeds Jack’s initial flash forward for the top spot,” says Mistaking Coincidence for Fate. theCDP.net is among the few who can actually use a break: “Truth of the matter is that me and Lost have had a major up-and-down relationship over the last few years, and the best plan of action for both of us is to spend a little time apart, find new television shows to fall in love with, and resume our courtship in 2010.” The fact is, though, that if you’ve watched the last five seasons of Lost you’re not going to stop now. “Just like every season finale before this one, Lost has once again left us all with our jaws on the floor and our brains on overdrive. This changes everything,” writes TV Squad. “The big question? How does it change everything? Is it January yet?”

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