Three new cases of swine flu in UK

People being examined for flu
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A 12-year-old girl from Torbay is one of three more confirmed cases of swine flu in the UK on top of two previously identified in Scotland, the Prime Minister has said.

The Prime Minister said the other two new cases were adults, one from Birmingham and one from London, all of whom had recently travelled to Mexico.

They displayed mild symptoms and are responding well to treatment, he said.

The girl’s school, Paignton Community College, has been temporarily closed and all other pupils offered anti-viral treatment.

Mr Brown said the UK is taking “the preparations that are necessary and the precautions to prevent the incidence of this disease in this country”.

Measures include enhanced airport checks, expanding anti-viral stocks from 35 million to 50 million, ordering extra face masks and printing an information leaflet for every home.

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