Burger Map


Food Network Magazine hit the road to find one burger you absolutely have to try in every state. Click on the stars for a coast-to-coast roadtrip.

var flashvars = {}; flashvars.configURL = “http://images.foodnetwork.com/webfood/pkgs/2009/burgers/data/burgers.xml”; flashvars.mainburgerSWF = “http://images.foodnetwork.com/webfood/pkgs/2009/burgers/swf/stateburgers.swf”; var params = { menu: “false”, scale: “noscale”, allowFullScreen: “true”, allowScriptAccess: “always”, wmode: “transparent” }; var attributes = { id: “burgers-map-swf”, name: “burgers-map-swf” }; swfobject.embedSWF( “http://images.foodnetwork.com/webfood/pkgs/2009/burgers/swf/stateburgers.swf”, “burgers-map”, “602”, “428”, “9”, “http://common.scrippsnetworks.com/common/flash-express-install/expressInstall.swf”, flashvars, params, attributes );

5-Star Burgers


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