Classic movie moments

EMPIRE Magazine is 20 years old this month, and in a special issue – guest-edited by Steven Spielberg, no less – they’ve got pretty much every A-lister on the planet to recreate classic moments from their best movies.

My personal fave? A grey-haired Mel Gibson with his face daubed in Braveheart paint. They can take away his Just For Men…but they’ll never take his freedom.

And there’s a great shot of Arnie in a suit, sitting astride a Terminator 2-style Harley Davidson Fatboy – dear lord, I want to believe that’s how he turns up for work.

James McAvoy and Keira Knightley fire up the old Atonement chemistry. Tom Cruise twiddles on the Minority Report touchscreen.

Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint are draped over some Hogwarts-style wooden desks.

Check out the mag for more great shots in the same vein, including a picture of Christian Bale with an American Psycho axe, which I can’t write about here for all KINDS of reasons.

*The 20th Birthday issue of Empire Magazine is out now.


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