Dear Youtube users,


Dear Youtube users,
this is a real letter from our Youtube Service Team, Robert and Angela.
We are putting this because there is too much fake accounts and robots in our Youtube community.
In order to get rid of them, we are going to delete every account that did not repost this bulletin.
You can either send this to all of your friends in a bulletin or send this to all of your friends in a message.
BE WELL AWARE, that if you do not send this or repost it, your account will be deleted permanently!
Sorry for the inconvenience!
By the way, we added some new features on YouTube, if you reposted, and is gratified by us, we will let you use them!
Do not change the content inside, or else you will also get deleted more.

Enviado para: doctordribbles, elainecristina, elylesy, eurovision, fanpop, filipainessousa, filmmakerebw, fingercallous, flamepelt546, franklymydear28, friendlyghosts, futuramik, ghostsandufos, ghostsvideos, ghostwatching, globalstranger, greghousejameswilson, greoragre7, gump003, happylepsia, hauntingpainting, hazel72, hlauriefan, iandrslovechild, indianaparanormal

email eniado por este usuario : rutejack


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